Do you cognize what happens when you style a web computer code or URL (like ) into your Internet Explorer browser's URL entry bar, and sound "GO" or press "Enter"?


Note: URL vehicle "Uniform Resource Locator" and is the code for a resource(e.g website) on the net. It in reality represents a novel cable of numbers named an Internet Protocol(IP) computer address e.g

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Since speech/names are easier for those to recollect than numbers, URLs are used to stipulate website addresses - piece the cyberspace restaurant attendant "interpretes" it to mean the "number String" address different.


The tailing name the run of dealings that occurs:

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1. Internet Explorer sends the web code( to your ISP(Internet Service Provider).

2. The ISP sends "" to the near node of the Domain Name Server(i.e DNS, which is certainly a set of databases shared amongst servers that stores the numerical addresses of Web sites. A new field label e.g is adscititious "or propagated" to these databases during the premier few weeks after the orbit term is registered. Only after this has been done, will it be workable to sort the field dub into a browser and not get a "Page not found" muddle announcement).

3. The DNS returns the site's definite quantity(IP) computer code to your Internet Explorer(watch the class bar of your spectator when close you're doing this online).

4. Your Internet Explorer sends the IP computer address to a router, which checks the accumulation on the Internet, and finds the least labouring narrow road to the waiter containing the website( that you've requested.

5. The dining-room attendant receives the IP address, acknowlegdes receiving it(your position bar may momentarily publication "website found"), next places the will in a line to delay until faster requests(by you or others e.g when umpteen group are provoking to go to have been fulfilled by the restaurant attendant.

6. The waiter past sends the website's non-attendance folio(index.htm for illustration) rearward done the Internet to your ISP, which past sends it to your electronic computer.

The modus operandi represented in 1 to 6 preceding typically happens within seconds, even near a tardy internet joint.

When you browse victimization a quick relationship(e.g broadband/ outer), the whole manoeuvre can occur in an tick.

However, sometimes when the ISP has a woe and/or its assets are overladen say due to plentiful users online at the identical time, lengthy right modern world can effect.

That's when at stairs 5 to 6 you brainstorm yourself ready for what appear like prolonged periods for the webpages you requested to appear.

So, how does the preceding records help out you?

Well, for one thing, you are now accoutered to read why this happens, when it does, so you should have a feeling little frustrated, if at all.

Secondly, this familiarity puts you in a location to convey more than intelligently with the administator/ reinforcement force for your Internet connexion around the nuisance.

Thirdly, this utilizable skill puts you in a matchless place to train other computer network users who undertake related hitches.

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